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ARA Fire is a leading provider of comprehensive fire protection solutions, dedicated to safeguarding businesses and their assets from the devastating impact of fire-related incidents.

Fire Protection

ARA offers comprehensive services in inspection, testing, maintenance, and service support for both passive and active protection systems.

  • Inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Design and Installation
  • Fire Protection
  • Gas and Kitchen Suppression Systems
  • Mobile Suppression Systems
  • Audit, Compliance Management and Certification
Mobile Fire Protection

ARA Fire provides the latest fire suppressionsystems designed to detect and extinguish firesquickly and efficiently, minimising damage and ensuring safety.

  • A New Era of Fire Suppression Expertise
  • System Development and Design
  • Fire and Safety
  • Compliance
Fire Compliance and Training

ARA Fire offers an array of fire compliance services, ensuring optimal functionality of fire life safety systems and prevention equipment
while identifying potential risks.

  • Safety Inspections
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety Planning
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Adherence to Regulations
  • Annual Compliance
Tunneling and Infrastructure

End-to-end, integrated service and productcapability for tunnelling projects.

  • Fire Solutions
  • Electrical Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Services
ARA Marine

ARA Marine specialises in helping customers manage and fulfil safety system certification requirements while minimising disruptions.

  • Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment
  • Hyperbaric/Breathing Air Systems
  • Pressure Vessels, Relief Valves and Mechanical Equipment
  • Ships Boats and Davits
  • Lifeboats and Davits
  • Ship Repair and Underwater Services
  • Marine Electrical and Automation
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Turn-key Solutions

ARA Fire & Security provide fire detection and suppression systems, including smoke and heat detectors, and sophisticated fire suppression solutions, as well as CCTV surveillance, access control systems, and intrusion detection. We also provide Marine safety and technical services. 

Fire Safety Solutions

ARA offers comprehensive services in inspection, testing, maintenance, and service support for both passive and active protection systems.

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Electronic Security Services

We design, install and service innovative security solutions – from intruder detection solutions, CCTV systems to specialist high-grade government security including SCEC approved locksmith services.

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Electrical and Communications Infrastructure

As an innovative integrator of field services solutions, we specialise in electrical, data cabling, networks, WAP’s (wireless access points) IT and UPS.

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Marine Safety and Technical services

As experienced sales and service providers to marine and offshore, defence and industrial sectors, ARA Marine offers innovative marine safety solutions.

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Locksmith Services

We deliver specialised security solutions to our national client base, from assessment and design through to installation, maintenance of all your security infrastructure.

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